Clothing Brands


Direct application on decorated clothing using thread sewn into woven shirts, polo shirts, jackets, hats, and other wearable garments.  Adds a high perceived value to your logo.  Up to 9 colors of thread available to match your logo using thread.  We provide a “stitch file” which is used by the embroidery machine to apply stitching directly to your garment of choice. Your logo is presented in the best way given the restrictions of thread size application. 


Direct application onto decorated clothing using ink thru a fine mesh screen to apply single color onto fabric or other product categories.  Multiple colors, up to 9, that are applied at one time.  If a dark color fabric is being printed a white color underlay is required to make the color correctly appear correctly on the surface.  Other methods of screen printing are available to include raised, puffed and glitter processes.

Uniforms & Work-wear

Uniforms and Work Apparel are decorated clothing often chosen for durability first and comfort second.  However, today’s choices have expanded and you may be able to get both within the budget you have. Stain resistant, flame retardant, reflective tape and special pocket positions are offered here along with color coordination of men’s and women’s styles.  Often this category has generous sizing for easy movements by the wearer.


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