Let’s define Writing Instruments – they are pens, highlighters, pencils, specialty shapes, ball point, roller ball, felt tip, gel, dry erase, plastic, metal, have a cap, twist, fine point, medium point, comfort grip, fat, triangular, plunger action, neon, metallic, pastel colored, bright colored, ink color choice -(black, red, blue, light blue, violet, pink, green, orange), translucent, chrome tipped, multi-function, stick, just cheap or a high end gift.

These are most of the descriptions that describe the over 35,000+ available for you to choose. The most important feature for you is if you like the look, the feel, the way it writes and you will use it. If yo u will use it, when you give it away with your message on it, you want to person receiving it to use it and  appreciate it.

My suggestion is to narrow down your search based on four main things, 1)  Price point   2)  Quality (how does it write)   3) Material (plastic or metal)  4) Ink type and color

Here are 2 of my favorite suppliers with a clickable catalog link below, and if you don’t find what you are looking for, there are more manufactures to choose from, just ask us.

BIC Graphics

Writing Instrument, pen,

Hub Pen