Craig Chaney

Owner & Founder

Over 35 years ago, in 1985, Craig started his printing career  with a large corporation based in Chicago. Craig worked his way to becoming the #1 salesman in 1992.  Then realizing that being in business, calling the shots, was his destiny.  Craig worked for a smaller distributor in central California before moving to Boise, Idaho to start his own business in 2010.  It is a challenge but is very rewarding helping his longtime clients with their printing and promotional product needs.  Craig’s motto is “tell the truth and do what you say you will do – it will be appreciated.”    

Craig spends some of his free time helping others with gardening tips and knowledge plus growing fruit and vegetables onsite in the yard of his Boise home.  There is something about eating your own home grown food that is amazing. 

Stephanie Chaney


Stephanie and Craig were married in 1986. Stephanie has a passion for bookkeeping and accounting so it is a natural fit to be in business as an entrepreneur partner.  Craig has said to her many times, “I’ll sell it and you keep track of where it goes”.  

Some of Stephanie’s spare time is spent reading, learning new things and creative cooking using newly found recipes, plus of course canning and preserving the home grown fruit and vegetables from their property.  Other time is spent helping others learn about Jesus Christ and his saving grace available to all who ask Him.  Nothing is more rewarding that knowing “one more for Jesus” is happening because of the love to be his hands and feet.  


Our Testimonials

Here are some comments about us from our clients we have asked.